Build Your Image with Infographics

In the age of big data, sharing content is a running battle, especially for a small business. One way to stay ahead of the curve is to build your brand’s image by using an informative picture, otherwise known as an infographic. Few other mediums give you the chance to entice your potential customers with a [Read more…]

Tips to Take Your Facebook Engagement to the Next Level

Facebook is an integral part of any business marketing. But just being on Facebook isn’t enough. Time must be devoted to being active on the site to get more share, likes, and comments. Here are 4 tips to increase your Facebook exposure and engagement: 1. Go Visual and post photos instead of text. Photos get [Read more…]

Quality Service is More Important than Price

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads – take this miracle pill and you’ll lose 20 pounds in two weeks without diet or exercise! And while it’s certainly appealing, anyone who has ever tried a fad diet or pill can tell you they don’t work. A juice cleanse may get you five pounds thinner but chances [Read more…]

3 Reasons to Use Twitter for Your Business

Why you should use twitter to market your business We’ve already let you know how Google+ and Pinterest will help your business, but we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t take the time now to stress the importance of Twitter as a business tool.  Considering there are approximately 230 million active users on [Read more…]

The Power of Metadata

How do Google and other search engines know what your page is about? Where does the text in a search engine result come from? The answer is Metadata. Metadata is information about information; in the case of a website, its small snippets of HTML code which provide search engines and searchers with information about what [Read more…]

2013 – The Year of Direct Mail

In the last few years, with the rise of digital marketing, direct mail has been viewed as a less than critical element of an integrated marketing strategy. It has also been perceived by many as nothing more than coupon mailers. However, for small, service-based businesses, targeted direct mail continues to be a powerful tool to [Read more…]

Website Trends 2013

It seems there are new website design trends emerging every year. With the steadily increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, 2013 was dubbed the year of responsive design. But great website design doesn’t stop there. Social media integrationand an updated layout are also key to making sure your site is ready to face 2014.

The Impact of Link Extensions on Your Ad Rank

In my previous blog on ad extensions, I wrote about just a few of the different types of ad extensions available to attach to an ad group or campaign. A recent Google AdWords update (announced at the end of October) changed the effect that ad extensions have on your campaign performance. Prior to this update, [Read more…]

Less Pain, More Gain: Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

The world of marketing gets more complex each day: what was once print, radio and TV has grown to include social media, digital marketing and mobile and much more. On top of that, each has their own algorithm, platforms, and trends, and each seems to change at the drop of a hat. How much easier [Read more…]

Factors That Cause Changes in Organic Search Engine Rankings

There are many factors that can affect your page’s search engine ranking. Fortunately, you can control most of them. Although all major search engines keep their algorithms private, there are factors that have remained true over time no matter what changes are made to the algorithms. Certain factors, such as social media presence and online [Read more…]