Top 5 Adwords Mistakes By Small Business Owners

Let’s face it, Adwords is a fantastic and quick way to reach potential customers. It has grown especially important for small business owners who are seeing previous methods of bringing in new customers dry up in terms of productivity. Older marketing mediums such as newspapers and yellow page ads are becoming harder to pull new [Read more...]

The Benefits of Web Reviews

If you are anything like me, a tremendous amount of product research is put into purchasing big ticket items. Recently, I have done research for items like a T.V., ring appraisal, and even a computer. The “internet generation” is able research whether a store provides a reliable product and great customer service, or not. Consumer value, [Read more...]

What Mobile Internet Traffic Means for Your Small Business

Technology is increasing and providing us with newer, better and smarter devices, and with the increase of technology, there is also an increase in the internet traffic generated by our mobile devices. This causes a growing need for businesses to accommodate these mobile users on the web, and what some small businesses may not know [Read more...]

8 Ways to Create Engaging Social Media Content

Follow these 8 tips for better engagement on your social media posts. 1. Keep Things Positive Emotions expressed by friends on Facebook influence our own moods. Positivity breeds engagement. If you are able to entertain your audience and brighten their day, chances are you’ll see more likes, shares and comments on your posts. 2. Utilize [Read more...]

Business Blogging: Drive Traffic with Fresh Content

Think about your business website. It probably has a home page, about us page, contact page, maybe a few pages for specialty products or services… How often do you update your website? Once you get the content finalized and your website published, chances are your don’t think about it again unless your business grows or [Read more...]

How Much Does Adwords Cost?

How much does Adwords Cost?  This is a very common question that we hear from SME (Small to Medium sized Enterprises) businesses who have never had any kind of experience in marketing their business online or are just dipping their toe into online advertising. Before we delve into the mindset you need to have in [Read more...]

Importance of NAP (Name, Address, Phone #) Across All Directories

I analyze multiple websites on a daily basis with the primary focus of determining what changes, if any, are needed on a website to help elevate search rankings, but also to assess and evaluate a business’ local presence on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page), particularly Google. I am always a bit amazed at the [Read more...]

The newest employee’s perspective at AMG

I am guessing by the title of this blog I am already found out. That is me; I am the newest addition at a small, family-run business, known as Automated Marketing Group (AMG). Graduating from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2003 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences, I never would have envisioned myself [Read more...]

Color Design in Websites

Color is one of the most important aspects of design. But where do you start? What colors are right for your business? The infographic below provides some information about the psychological aspects of color, and will give you some guidance on choosing the right colors to represent you. Click for larger image Sites referenced in [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Updates: What You Need to Know

Everyone has experienced the magic of search engines. Users visit Google.com, type a couple of words into the search bar, and press enter to receive thousands of links to websites that are relevant to the search. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, one of the questions we are asked most frequently by small business owners [Read more...]