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Kurt Henninger is the Paid Search Engine Marketing Manager at Automated Marketing Group, a SME outsourced marketing company.

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Adwords Review Ad Extensions

Third party reviews from customers are critical to the success of a small business today, particularly online. Potential customers rely more and more on feedback from previous customers that is left on sites such Yelp.com Google.com, and Facebook.com to evaluate whether or not they want to use a companies product or service. According to a [Read more…]

The Low Cost Adwords Strategy No One Talks About

You are probably familiar with what Adwords is and how it can help generate leads or sales for your business. As Adwords advertising has become more popular the cost of it has gone up, particularly over the last 5 years. However, compared to many other forms of print advertising and other media, Adwords is still [Read more…]

How To Set-Up A Google Content Experiment In 5 Steps

You may have heard that in online marketing it is important to continually test things for different angles and different ways of presenting information in order to improve conversions and generate more leads from your website.  That’s a pretty universal concept in any kind if Direct Response marketing, whether you are talking about Direct Mail, [Read more…]

Top 5 Adwords Mistakes By Small Business Owners

Let’s face it, Adwords is a fantastic and quick way to reach potential customers. It has grown especially important for small business owners who are seeing previous methods of bringing in new customers dry up in terms of productivity. Older marketing mediums such as newspapers and yellow page ads are becoming harder to pull new [Read more…]

How Much Does Adwords Cost?

How much does Adwords Cost?  This is a very common question that we hear from SME (Small to Medium sized Enterprises) businesses who have never had any kind of experience in marketing their business online or are just dipping their toe into online advertising. Before we delve into the mindset you need to have in [Read more…]

Can Paid Search Ads Improve Brand Awareness?

Google recently came out with the results from a study they conducted with Ipsos MediaCT in 2013 around branding and addressed the question of whether or not paid search ads improve brand awareness.  The results of the study really confirm what a lot of us in the internet marketing field have been saying for years, [Read more…]